Consent Authorisation
Pursuant to the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA) Act 2010 and Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009, I/We the undersigned do hereby give my/consent to your and CTOS Data System Sdn Bhd (“CTOS”), a registered credit reporting agency under the CRA Act to process my/our company personal data.

By this consent, I/we understand and agree that:

  • You may conduct credit/trade check, CCRISS and DCHEQS check on me/us and where applicable on our directors, shareholders, guarantors, etc with CTOS at any time for as long as I/we have a trade relationship with you or where any dues remain unpaid and outstanding with you, for any one or more of the following purpose:
  • Opening of account
  • Debt recovery
  • Credit/Account review
  • Credit/Account monitoring
  • Credit/Account evaluation
  • Legal documentation consequent to a contract or facility granted by you.
    You may disclose any information on my/our conduct of my/our account(s) with you, to any business entity/les for bona fide trade checking at anytime. I/we am/are also aware and understand that such information will be provided to CTOS, who may in turn share such information to subscribers of their services.
  • Where you require any processing of my/our application to be processed by any processing centre located outside Malaysia (including your Head Office), I/we hereby give consent to CTOS to disclose my/our credit, CCRIS & DCHEQS reports to such locations outside Malaysia.
  • Apart from the above, I/we agree do give my/our consent to you and the CTOS, to process/ my/our personal data as per the PDPA Act.